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International Cooperation is a priority among all the different projects led by the school

There are 3 « action files » involved in International Cooperation (« Coop Inter ») in the school projects

  • Developing the mission of International Cooperation

  • Increasing the mobility of students and teachers abroad 

  • Gaining local recognition of "Coop Inter" actions

For a long while ....

...the PLASPGE (Public Local Agricultural School of Professional and General Education) of Périgord has led actions that enable pupils and students as well as adult learners and teachers to travel abroad.

  • Historical background Périgueux

  • Historical background Bergerac

Each year

  • 4 to 5 classes travel to Germany, Spain and Croatia

  • Around 50 students carry out an intership abroad

  • A dozen members of the staff is involved in mobility projects and pedagogical partnership throughout Europe : PERICA, INC, VITEA +

Now in 2015

A second European Section of the PLASPGE (Public Local Agricultural School of Professional and General Education) of Périgord has just opened in Technological Baccalaureate (A levels) in SAE (Sciences of Agronomy and Environment)after a teacher of mathematics and a teacher of Biology/Ecology have been habilitated to teach their respective subjects in English.



Erasmus European Charter

L'établissement est titulaire de la charte européenne ERASMUS +  depuis 2007


The current charter N°  259838-LA-1-FR-E4AKA1-ECHE enables mobility for internships and studies for pupils and students as well as teaching mobilities and vocational trainings for teachers.


The school is a member of a group of agricultural schools

So as to ease the European mobility of pupils, students and teachers

  • consortium in Aquitaine

    • CESAA  for students

    • STELAA 2 for high school pupils

    • MEDAA 3 for apprentices

  • The association France EUROPEA for all inovating projets of secundary education


Individual internships of learners

According to destination and length, the trainees benefit from various financial help :

  • Conseil Régional Aquitaine : up to 4 weeks

  • Ministry of Agriculture : at least a month

  • European Union : at least two weeks for high school pupils and two months for students

Pupils from professional and technological sections go throughout Europe (Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium...) thanks to the consortium of Aquitaine STELAA
and to projets led by the association France EUROPEA (projet_QUAMELYA  and summary)




Students preparing a HND (Higher National Diploma) travel :

  • for either 2 months

    • in Europe (Spain, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria …)
      thanks to the European consortium CESAA

    • all over the world: Northern America, Latin America : Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Equador Peru, Chile

  • or for 1 month
    USA, Great-Britain, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland

Apprentices travel for 1 month in Europe
Great-Britain, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium) thanks to the MEDAA 3 projet